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Posted 12 Jan 2011 by John McManigle

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  1. John Templin

    John, Just back from Mexico, I took a one day scuba course and went on a little dive. I thought back to some pics I think a FB friend of yours posted awhile back from somewhere in southeast asia, maybe Indonesia. Much more color there, do you know where that was? While in Key West did you go up/fly one of these planes? My dad learned to fly on a biplane before the war, I was thinking of going on a flight when I was in KW October, maybe next year.


    • Hey Mr. Templin, sounds like you had a great time in Mexico! I see a Facebook album from a friend of mine from Penn State who went diving in Alor in Indonesia in June of 2010 that looks pretty impressive. I suspect it’s a combination of some pretty spectacular coral and a very impressive camera (or so she mentions in the descriptions). My understanding (though I’m no great underwater photographer) is that indirect flash and good color processing make all the difference down there.

      Yes, the plane pictured (N31TA) was what I flew around for the acrobatic lesson with Fred Cabanas. He offers sightseeing tours in another (open air) biplane as well as acrobatic demonstrations and lessons in N31TA. Details at his website.


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