Hello and welcome to my corner of the web. My name is John McManigle. I’m an anesthesiology resident in Duke’s research-focused ACES Program.

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, where I attended the magnet program at Montgomery Blair High School. At Blair, I built robots, kept the school’s computer systems running, and took a (legal!) field trip to Cuba.

I then set off to earn a physics degree at the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State. In Happy Valley, I worked on the ambulance, learned to fly airplanes, started scuba diving, and did a bit of research alongside my coursework. I also took as many class-related “field trips” as possible, including exploring the London theatre scene, kayaking the South Carolina coast, hiking the Costa Rican rainforest, and scuba diving in Ginnie Springs, Florida.

After graduation, I moved to Durham, North Carolina for the first two years of medical school at Duke University. While I was immersed in the classroom portion and core clinical rotations of the MD program, I continued to fly and earned my seaplane license.

In 2010, I began the DPhil part of my training, developing image analysis algorithms for interventional cardiology. My research was a collaboration between labs in Oxford University in England, Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda.

At Oxford, I learned to row and took advantage of the chance to see a bit of Europe, which is covered in blog posts here. A friend and I developed an iPhone app for OxBridge college rowers which proved fairly popular. In Baltimore, I took up running, finishing a couple of marathons. I also did some fun flying and finally earned my instrument rating.

In 2015-2016, I completed the final year of medical school, and have matched to stay at Duke as an anesthesiology resident in the very exciting, research-focused ACES Program.

I intend this site to be a catalogue of my adventures in Oxford, England; Baltimore, MD; Durham, NC; and wherever else this journey takes me.


E-Mail is the best way to get hold of me. My e-mail address is john@oxfordechoes.com.

I am on Facebook and LinkedIn.

My Skype Username is mcmanigle. (I’m not often signed on.)

Posted 21 Sep 2010 by John McManigle