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Leah has always had a penchant for clear blue water and romantic island life, so while she’s been away doing her master’s in London, we decided to meet up for a week in Greece. Our first stop was Santorini, known for its beautiful ocean views. We arrived on March 30, and checked in to Hotel Sunny Villas built into the side of a cliff in Imerovigli, famous for its beautiful sunsets.

We set out on our adventures the next morning, spending the 31st on a hike out to Oia, on the northwest tip of the island. The hike is 7 miles along the caldera cliff and central ridge of the island, and was beautiful, if a bit sporty in the wind. After a lovely dinner in Oia, we took a cab back to the hotel.

The next day, we walked in the opposite direction, making it to Santo Wines in Pyrgos Kallistis, one of the less touristy areas of the island.

On our return, we rested up for our early morning flight to Milos the next day!

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