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On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I flew up to Penn State to talk with some students in the Schreyer Honors College about life in medical school and graduate school. The little SHC alumni event went well, and afterwards I found myself strolling around campus and downtown State College, taking in the sights. As I decided it was time to go, I wandered by the Student Health Center (affectionately known to relative old-timers as “New Ritenour“) to see whether any of my old coworkers happened to be around. I found a few people I knew second-hand and a few more new friends, as it turned out EMS was welcoming the spring with a bit of a cookout, complete with s’mores. Needless to say, I joined in, and then got the two-ambulance escort to the airport. Of course, PSU EMS provides first response to the University Park Airport in addition to the rest of campus, so in the interests of safety I gave a quick aerial tour of the campus to the EMTs who drove me up to the airport. They seemed to enjoy it, and the tower controller was very accommodating.

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