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One of the more opulent Oxford traditions is that of the commemoration ball. Hosted by the larger colleges on a triennial basis, commemoration balls are generally white-tie affairs featuring performances, games, food, and drink all night long. This year, Sabine and I made it to St. John’s Ball to find a lavish array of activities. In addition to the performances and refreshments, there were a variety of carnival games (including mini-golf!) and the chance to spy some fireworks being set off at a nearby college.

As our warm-down on Saturday, we attended the St. Cross Summer Ball, a black-tie affair at Wolfson’s de facto sister college. It was also lots of fun, and predictably overrun by rowing club comrades.

St Johns Ball 2014   St Johns Ball 2014   St Cross Ball 2014

First, a few photos from the St. John’s Ball:

Finally, from the photo booth at the St. Cross Ball:

Update: We went on to attend the final ball of 2014, Wolfson College’s own “A Celestial Night” on 6 December. Joined by our Wolfson comrades, with the college decked out in its finest winter space-themed finery, and photographed by the unsurpassed Phill Brown, we partied the night away:

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