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“A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.” — Guy Fawkes

To celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, Wolfson College put on a fireworks show. It turned out to be a lot larger than I expected. About 200 spectators were about 75 yards from the launch site across the Wolfson Harbor. The fireworks lasted 20 minutes, and saw several minutes with the entire sky lit up.

About a week later, a friend of a friend organized the second half of the traditional November celebrations, a bonfire night. In addition to a roaring fire, the night brought mulled wine, some more fireworks, and excellent company.

One of the best parts of November in general was that any given night, there was a decent chance of fireworks randomly going off outside my window. Rhyme or no, celebrations here do not last just one night.

First, a few pictures of the fireworks at Wolfson:

Pictures of the bonfire night, courtesy of the beautiful and talented Anna Schrade:

And finally, some shots of fireworks randomly spotted out my window:

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