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I’m getting more and more settled into Wolfson, meeting new friends through lab (pictured), college, and rowing, and of course still enjoying the city of Oxford and the English countryside. The weather has stayed remarkably warm and clear so far, but if the BBC can be trusted, the cold is coming!  

  A view of the sunset in South Park on the way home from lab

  A view of the Oxford Union as Prof. Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel laureate, gave an excellent talk entitled “Shuffling Off This Mortal Coil” on the discovery and implications of telomeres.

  The main Oxford Union debate chamber where the Democrats- and Republicans-in-exile held a debate on the night of the 2010 mid-term elections.

  A military (?) band plays on the street as part of the run-up to Remembrance Day.

  A very lively drink that was the culmination of my search for bubble tea in Oxford. It was served at a place called Lan Kwai Fong on Cowley Road, and I’ll have to go back and try their food sometime soon.

And finally, some pictures from the Oxford Covered Market:

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