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After a rowing outing and tank session yesterday, today it was time for some more gliding. However, rather than take the bus to the Bicester airfield, today seemed like a beautiful day for a bicycle ride. After planning a route along mostly back roads, I set off. This was my first up-close-and-personal taste of the countryside, and I was befriended by a smattering of sheep, horses, hares, and birds. Next time, I will take pictures. In the mean time, have a Google Earth flyby or the map below.

A clear morning at Bicester allowed a 40-minute self-launched motorglider flight to get most of the stall and incipient spin exercises out of the way. Next up: full spins and failed winch launches.

Posted 24 Oct 2010 by John McManigle in Notes

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  1. Geez, that looks like a looooong bike ride. I didn’t know you were that avid a biker!

    • It wasn’t that long; England is pretty flat. There was one really sketchy bit on unfinished concrete, but the rest was quite pleasant. I’m looking for something in the 30-mile range to do next (though I’ll be headed out to Bicester again on Sunday if the weather holds up).

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