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Yes, you caught me. This post is back-dated so as to get this blog started with some pretty pictures and appropriate stories. In June of 2008, I traveled to Oxford for the first time in my life, with a group of new classmates. We stayed in lovely accommodations in Magdalen College for a week-long mentor-selecting extravaganza. I was lucky to find Prof. Alison Noble my very first day, and though I interviewed with many others (11 researchers in total), none quite swayed me from working in the BioMedIA. I had a little bit of time to explore the town and take some pictures, and I certainly look forward to returning soon.

This trip was brief but productive, and was followed up by the end of the summer and beginning of the first (classroom) year at DukeMed.

Posted 28 Jun 2008 by John McManigle in Travel

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