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744680-1293-0006sBilled as “America’s Friendliest Marathon,” the Richmond Marathon was the culmination of my running efforts this year. The event was huge and well-organized; there were over 6,000 marathoners and another 13,500 runners in the half marathon and 8k events. In addition to the standard water and electrolyte drinks along the route, the Richmond team had “party zones” with live music, wet wash cloth stations, and friendly pacing teams.

Though the day started out a bit dreary, and the first several miles were run in light rain (British English: “aggressive mist”), the rain cleared away after about an hour and left a beautiful, cool, overcast running day. I was able to stick with the 3:35 pacing group for the first 20 miles (an 8:11 pace), only dropping off in the last few miles. The final mile of the race was fantastic, with a gentle downhill slope and a mass of cheering spectators giving the runners energy. I managed to finish in 3:37:22, a new personal best and a 10 minute improvement on my Baltimore Marathon time from last month.

The inspired supporters’ signs in Richmond included “Run like someone just called you a jogger“, “Run faster, the half-marathoners are already done”, “Worst parade ever”, and “Go, random stranger, go!”

The official results were:

Distance Time Cum. Pace Seg. Pace
10k (6.2 mi) 51:17 8:15 /mi 8:15 /mi
13.1 Miles 1:46:57 8:10 /mi 8:04 /mi
20 Miles 2:43:36 8:11 /mi 8:13 /mi
Finish 3:37:22 8:17 /mi 8:39 /mi

Posted 16 Nov 2013 by John McManigle in Running

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