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Every once in a while, minor adventures arise that result in some good pictures that aren’t quite enough to warrant their own entry. Read on to see some pictures of a visit to Bath, touring Blenheim Palace with visiting friends, the “trashing” of a friend finishing her last exam, and a couple of snapshots of Oxford.

First, some pictures from a trip to Bath with a visiting friend:

Next, a few random snapshots around Oxford, including a friend getting “trashed” with confetti after finishing her last exam, the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, and a formal dinner at Christ Church:

Some pictures from the Henley Boat Races on 25th March, where the Oxford and Cambridge lightweight men, women, and lightweight women hold their varsity matches:

And finally, a few pictures from a visit to Blenheim Palace with visiting friends:

Posted 8 Jul 2012 by John McManigle in Notes

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