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Wolfson Winter Ball   Leave a comment

Each year, Wolfson College hosts a lovely Winter Ball. This year the theme was Venetian Masquerade, and the evening included a formal dinner, live bands and dancing, various bars and food, laser tag, and silent disco. The ball is always a magical evening, and some of it was captured by the official ball photographers, Phill Brown and Tom Rackham.


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Assorted Snapshots   Leave a comment

Every once in a while, minor adventures arise that result in some good pictures that aren’t quite enough to warrant their own entry. Read on to see some pictures of a visit to Bath, touring Blenheim Palace with visiting friends, the “trashing” of a friend finishing her last exam, and a couple of snapshots of Oxford.

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Discovering My Roots   Leave a comment

After my parents enjoyed a bit of Summer Eights action, we set off to see my birthplace. My father was stationed at RAF Lakenheath when I was born, so I lived my first several months in Suffolk, England. With my parents as guides, we explored Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Newmarket, Stow cum Quay, and Cambridge. I was glad to see the places I’d heard so many stories about, and finally see the hoards of ducks I’d had so much fun feeding as a toddler.

We also took the chance to see The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables on the West End.


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Oxford Snow Storm   Leave a comment

One fateful night in February, a huge (by UK standards) storm dumped several inches of snow on Oxford. Unable to contain our excitement, several small troupes of Wolfson students ventured out into the night to build snow-creatures of all descriptions. The next day, we returned to the great outdoors to get a glimpse of snow-covered Oxford before it all melted away.

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Home for the Holidays   Leave a comment

Over the winter, I had the chance to visit the East Coast for a couple of lab meetings at NIH.

This also gave me the opportunity to catch up with friends and family and make a couple of quick stops in New York City and Philadelphia.



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Bonfire Night   Leave a comment

For Bonfire Night this year, Wolfson College had not only its fantastic annual fireworks display, but also marked the groundbreaking for its new academic wing. On its completion, the wing should provide for much more communal academic work within the college, leading to collaboration of students and fellows between departments.

I watched the fireworks from a 2nd floor balcony, and was able to snap a few pictures of the college as it is rarely displayed.

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A Few Snapshots   Leave a comment

In preparation for the Wolfson Winter Ball this year, some friends and I wandered Oxford taking pictures. The initial thought was that some could be made into posters and hung as backdrops to make the college bar and other areas feel a bit more festive. In the end, we made other decoration plans, but a few of the photos are here!

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Croquet   Leave a comment

A favorite pastime at Oxford, Croquet is a lawn game that involves using mallets to hit balls through hoops on a flat lawn. Oxford takes this pretty seriously, and hosts the largest croquet tournament in the world each year. Below are photos of one of the many friendly matches that happen on Wolfson’s croquet lawn.

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Britain’s Got Talent   Leave a comment

Ben, a friend and Wolfson classmate, is a member of Oxford’s premier all-male a cappella group, Out of the Blue. Somewhat on a whim, the group decided to enter Britain’s Got Talent (which, for my American readers, is similar to, well, America’s Got Talent). Of course, OOtB did very well in the competition, and I was able to watch their live Thursday semi-final performance. When the British public decided that a middle-aged engineer dancing the Macarena was more worthy of progressing to the finals, both the judges and the studio audience were outraged. The performance was fantastic, as was the chance to see a live TV broadcast. Check the respective websites for more info, videos, etc.

Unfortunately, cameras weren’t allowed in the studio, so this shot is from ITV’s site.

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Keble Ball   Leave a comment

The coming of Trinity term means the Oxford spring ball season. I was lucky enough to attend the Keble College Ball with a few friends from that college. Keble College is new by Oxford standards, established in 1870. When it was built, Keble’s brick structure, though now regarded as quite magnificent, was considered a bit of an eyesore. A secret society was formed at St. John’s College, dedicated to the brick-by-brick destruction of Keble. Membership in the society was secured by presenting the elders with a brick taken from Keble. General wisdom is that this secret society is still alive and well.

The Keble ball took on a Sherlock Holmes “Scandal in Bohemia” theme, and a festival atmosphere predominated the Keble quads. Food and drink were plentiful, as was dancing and friendly company.

Pictures by the lovely and talented Anna Schrade. Click for more!

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