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Although my posts since being back in the States have been about adventures away from home, I’m finding Baltimore is a pretty friendly place to live and work. Here are a few local pictures. First, when Katie from Penn State came to visit in April, we visited Fort McHenry. This star fort most famous for its role in the defence of Baltimore during the War of 1812. After seeing the US flag flying over the fort the morning after a decisive bombardment and battle, Francis Scott Key wrote what would become the national anthem of the United States. We took the water taxi over to the fort and took a look around on a beautiful Saturday.

The other set of pictures is from my accidental encounter with the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race on the way home from the grocery store one day. This race is a hilarious endeavour, wherein homemade, human-powered “sculptures” must traverse road, water, and mud in an hours-long race. The rules are myriad, but include such gems as:


Each Sculpture must carry at all times 1 comforting item of psychological luxury heretofore referred to as the “Homemade Sock Creature” (HSC). Homemade Sock Creature must be made in a home, from a not-too-recently-worn sock from the home, and resemble a creature homemade from a sock. (penalty: 1 hour)

It certainly seemed like the competitors were having a good time!


First, a few more pictures from the Fort McHenry trip, including the water taxi ride to get there:

Next, the pictures from the Kinetic Sculpture Race, and a few more shots of Patterson Park, which is just a block away from my house:

And finally, one shot of the stairway at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital:

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