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Chicago Weekend   1 comment

On Friday, I took Step 2 CK, an 8-hour multiple choice exam that is part of the US medical licensing process. Lisa, with whom I had shared many a practice question session, took her test on Wednesday and was interviewing for an internship in Chicago on Friday, so we decided to celebrate by spending the weekend in the Windy City.

We started Saturday by wandering the downtown area. We made it to Millennium Park and saw The Bean, which has been my favorite sculpture since I first encountered it almost ten years ago. After getting our fill of the leguminous wonder, we went for a run along the Lakefront Trail. Saturday night, we had a fantastic dinner at 312 Chicago and then walked over to the Oriental Theatre to see the touring production of Wicked. The show was very impressive; an extremely strong cast really put their hearts into the performance.

On Sunday, we wandered some more, revisited The Bean, and had brunch at Wildberry before Lisa flew off for her next interview in St. Louis. I set out for the Ravenswood neighborhood where I saw Nick, one of my best friends from high school, and met his wife Amanda. We spent the evening playing board games and talking about old and new times over Kyrgyz food.


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Oxford Visit   Leave a comment

Almost midway through my DPhil stint in Maryland, I took a short visit to Oxford to check in with my collaborators there, discuss progress to the thesis, and retrieve some data. Of course, the trip also allowed a bit of time for a few adventures. I caught a bit of Summer Eights (and dinner!), the Communist Bop, saw Wicked with Erin, did a bit of punting and croquet, properly celebrated Susan and Matt’s engagement, and said hello and goodbye to quite a few friends.


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Venice Visit   Leave a comment

For the New Year, Bill and I traveled to visit our cousin Carmie and her husband, who live in the Veneto region of Italy. We flew into Venice and spent a couple of days exploring St. Mark’s Square and other beauties of the City of Bridges before meeting up with Carmie and Matthew. Together, we traveled to their lovely house in Vicenza. On the 29th, we explored a Christmas market in the scenic Asiago. On the 30th, Matthew and I ran the Maratonina della Città Murata, a half-marathon in Cittadella. (Bill and Carmie ran the 6k course.) For New Years Eve, we explored the local Vicenza region, and then flew back to Oxford on New Years Day.

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Italian Riviera   Leave a comment

A few of the NIH OxCam students decided to take a long weekend in the Cinque Terre region of the Italian Riviera. After flying into the Pisa airport (and taking the requisite funny pictures of the Leaning Tower), we traveled on to our seaside flat in Riomaggiore. On Saturday, we rented some kayaks to explore the local coastline, and I took a scuba dive, seeing an octopus, a Moray eel, beautiful jellyfish, and a few barracuda. On Sunday, we took the train to Monterosso and hiked back to Riomaggiore through the Cinque Terre National Park. The journey was about 11 miles up and down the seaside ridges, made a bit more difficult by the detour around landslide-damaged trails between Corniglia and Manarola.


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ISBI 2012 in Barcelona   Leave a comment

The first week of May, I traveled with several lab-mates to Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain for the 2012 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging. The conference had a fantastic array of talks, and I presented a paper on using a modified Hough transform to initialize a left ventricle myocardium segmentation in 3-d echocardiograms.

In Barcelona, we also got a little time to explore. We visited the Sagrada Família, saw quite a bit of Gaudí architecture, wandered in La Rambla, and enjoyed the Barceloneta beach.

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NIH Visit, Cameron Indoor Stadium, and Air and Space Museum   Leave a comment

This spring, I took a quick trip back to the NIH to work out the details of my return to the NHLBI. While I was home, I also stopped by Duke to meet with a few of the MSTP advisors and visit with friends.

My brother (also a DukeMed student) was playing in his intramural basketball final on Coach K Court at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium, one of the more famous American college basketball venues.

Back in the Washington DC area, I went with my parents to visit the National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center. The Center is a huge hanger on the grounds of Washington Dulles International Airport and holds an SR-71 Blackbird, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the Enola Gay, and countless other aerospace treasures. From its early canvas airplanes to small satellites, advanced military and civillian craft, and some gems of general aviation, the museum was quite a place.

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Cardiff Christmas Market and Castle   Leave a comment

This year’s search for a Christmas market resulted in a spontaneous train journey to Cardiff, Wales. The market, while not overly exciting, did have some delicious German sausages and mulled wine. The real treat of the day was Cardiff Castle, built as a Victorian mansion over a Norman castle over a Roman fort. We had perfect castling weather — light rain and strong gusting winds — that made leaning out of tower windows all the more exciting.


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Weekend in Paris   Leave a comment

This weekend, I went to visit a friend in Paris. I’d never been to the city before, and took the time to see quite a few obligatory tourist sites: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge, etc. Between visiting landmarks and exploring the Parisian streets, the weekend was one of sidewalk cafés and chance meetings of new friends.

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ICVSS ’11 in Sicily   Leave a comment

Last week was the International Computer Vision Summer School in Sicily, Italy. Summer schools are relatively common in the UK/Europe postgrad world, where academic-year classroom work often isn’t part of the PhD course. Summer schools like the ICVSS serve as a combination review, survey, and conference, connecting the dots between basic principles and current research through lectures and workshops, as well as giving students the chance to compare notes on their own projects through posters and discussion.

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Weekend in Cornwall   Leave a comment

Last weekend, a couple of Wolfson friends and I decided to head to the southwest of England to enjoy the stunning spring weather. We set out from Oxford on Friday morning, and took our first stop at Barnstaple, Devon to enjoy a bit of a walk around. We continued on to Clovelly, one of the cutest towns in the world. It’s an historic fishing village built into a seaside cliff and still automobile-free, with steep cobblestone streets. From there, we drove on to Bude, where we explored the beaches and pubs and stayed the night.

On Saturday, we ventured out to Tintagel Castle, a ruin claimed to be the birthplace of King Arthur. (If King Arthur did exist, he was born centuries before the castle was built, but there is an ages-old Cornish law mandating that all historic landmarks have Arthurian legend tie-ins.) After a cream tea by the castle, we visited Hartland Quay and its associated headlands before heading back to Bude for the night.

A bit of rain managed to find us Sunday morning, so we toured Castle Drogo, a stately home built of granite around the First World War. We then stopped by Bath to walk around, visit the abbey, and find dinner on the way back to Oxford.

Most of these pictures are courtesy Phill Brown, whose other talents include cross-country driving, instinctive knowledge of Cornish diversions, stand-up comedy, and ultrasound tendon analysis. Click for the rest!

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