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For the New Year, Bill and I traveled to visit our cousin Carmie and her husband, who live in the Veneto region of Italy. We flew into Venice and spent a couple of days exploring St. Mark’s Square and other beauties of the City of Bridges before meeting up with Carmie and Matthew. Together, we traveled to their lovely house in Vicenza. On the 29th, we explored a Christmas market in the scenic Asiago. On the 30th, Matthew and I ran the Maratonina della Città Murata, a half-marathon in Cittadella. (Bill and Carmie ran the 6k course.) For New Years Eve, we explored the local Vicenza region, and then flew back to Oxford on New Years Day.

First, pictures from the 27th and 28th in Venice, where rather than going down the chimney, Santa apparently climbs through your window:

Next, some pictures from the Asiago Christmas market:

A few shots from the half-marathon (not officially timed, but finished in about 1:51 with more workout details here) and Cittadella:

And finally, some pictures from Vicenza, including the Olympic Theatre, a milk refill vending machine, and a few pictures of our hosts’ lovely dogs:

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