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As anyone who has been following the news knows, the world was scheduled to end today on the strength of the Mayan long-count calendar and a variety of other alignments and predicaments. The only way to fight this fate was to gather with about 5,000 others, including druids, neo-pagans, revelers, and my visiting brother Bill, to greet the sunrise and bring in the dawn that marks the end of the year’s longest night.

My brother and I drove to Stonehenge with a few other Wolfson revelers and did our part. A Getty Images photographer managed to catch us in the act, and we wound up on the BBC’s and Zeit’s coverage. On the way back to Oxford, we visited Salisbury Cathedral, a 13th-century construction housing one of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta.

Stonehenge Sunrise

First, our Stonehenge adventures:

Next, some pictures of Salisbury Cathedral:

And finally, some pictures of the journey and other side adventures:

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