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This year’s search for a Christmas market resulted in a spontaneous train journey to Cardiff, Wales. The market, while not overly exciting, did have some delicious German sausages and mulled wine. The real treat of the day was Cardiff Castle, built as a Victorian mansion over a Norman castle over a Roman fort. We had perfect castling weather — light rain and strong gusting winds — that made leaning out of tower windows all the more exciting.


The Oxford-to-Cardiff train journey involves a stop in Didcot, a town that exists primarily as a power station and railway junction.

After arriving in Cardiff and getting our bearings, we explored the town and Christmas market a bit.

Then, we explored the castle grounds and mansion.

Finally, a bit more wandering of the post-sunset city and market.

On the way back to Oxford, we missed the stop at Didcot, and managed to achieve the only feat prohibited by our train tickets — traveling through Reading.


Posted 8 Dec 2011 by John McManigle in Adventure, Travel

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